FOR A LAW FIRM       
        Arguments in Defence under A and C Act,1996 
There is a common perception that Laws,Acts and Codes are made to give  some Structural  Parameters to  prosecuting BODIES, under which a prosecution must held. Therefore they are often misused rather than been well-used as in this case seems to be. That is why Judges commonly use their discretionary powers sometimes, being remain in the vicinity of these Parameters and  sometime they follow a higher court judgements or References, keeping all sorts of Laws, Acts and Codes aside. 
In this case ,as this Plaintiff feels, a 'Regular Remained Respondent' in atleast 13-14  other departments, surfaced to be appeared as an Applicant to take an advantage of a particular section34.
 That is why he is a bit worried and feels there might be a Roadblock affront the Court.
Some restrictions and obstructions  may come further and affect its proceedings, hence bound by this need of the  hour he forwards some arguments in the lime light of this Arbitration and Concilation Act,1996 So Court could take a firm Stand or Decision for the sake of justice.
Of course  He is doing  this for his own safeguards.Preaching or directing this HON,BLE COURT is nowhere near to his motto.   
Section 5 in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
5. Extent of judicial intervention. Notwithstanding anything contained in any other law for the time being in force, in matters governed by this Part, no judicial authority shall intervene except where so provided in this Part.
Argument: Since this matter is now in court, it may intervene in this matter in whatever manner it wants.
Section 6 in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
6. Administrative assistance. In order to facilitate the conduct of die arbitral proceedings, the parties, or the arbitral tribunal with the consent of the parties,may arrange for administrative assistance by a suitable institution or person. 
Argument:There are various complaints  where the Plaintiff is not properly assisted by the concerned authorities and even by the Arbitrator himself.His latest complaint is still lying unanswered in the FMC and MCX.
Section 9(ii)(b) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
Interim measures etc. by Court. A party may, before, or during arbitral proceedings or at any time after the making of the arbitral award but before it is enforced in accordance with section 36, apply to a court-
(b) securing the amount in dispute in the arbitration
Argument: since our Plaintiff is in the feel of this fact that he has been very skillfully  trapped u/s 34, therefore he requests to this Hon,ble court that his award money would be secured till any final outcome, as per the above section.
Section 12(3) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(3) An arbitrator may be challenged only if-
(a) circumstances exist that give rise to justifiable doubts as to his independence or impartiality, or
Argument:: Here Impartiality does not seem in his favour since much of the time the Arbitrator heard Bonanza, moreover, he noted down 10-15 pages of Bonanza while 3-4 of  the plaintiff.Moreover, he ignored all of  his facts and evidences.
(b) he does not possess the qualifications agreed to by the parties.
Argument: The Plaintiff has already mentioned  that the Arbitrator belongs to the Advocacy  therefore totally RAW  in the field of Commodity Trade and its complexities.
Section 12(4) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(4) A party may challenge an arbitrator appointed by him, or in whose appointment he has participated, only for reason, of which he becomes aware after the appointment has been made.
Argument :As a layman  our Plaintiff was in this thought that the hearings wlll  carry-on from the previous hearing- as always happens in the courts and other prosecuting bodies, but here the Arbitrator initiated from the beginning .Therefore ,In this regard,MCX  is outrightly questionable.
Section 13(2) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(2) Failing any agreement referred to in sub- section (1), a party who intends to challenge an arbitrator shall, within fifteen days after becoming aware of the constitution of the arbitral tribunal or after becoming aware of any circumstances referred to in subsection (3) of section 12, send a written statement of the reasons for the challenge to the arbitral tribunal.
Argument::: As the Plaintiff mentioned the award was amended after his ' Review  Request' which raises doubts on the follow-Up proceedings which were collectively done by the concerned departments to take the advantage of sec 34.Since he had just read this clause now so got aware d of it thus he challenges this Arbitral penal 
Section 13(6) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(6) Where an arbitral award is set aside on an application made under sub- section (5), the Court may decide as to whether the arbitrator who is challenged is untitled to any fees.
Argument: since Bonanza has much  earlier honored the said award thus it is entitled to pay the fees to arbitrator as decided by the Hon,ble Court.Moreover it has dishonored  a dignified person who has made 80% of award in  bonanza's favor.Differences may occur but at any stage of  time nobody would  show the courage to summon a Judge in front of another Judge. 
Section 13(5) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(5) Where an arbitral award is made under sub- section (4), the party challenging the arbitrator may make an application for setting aside such an arbitral award in accordance with section 34.
Argument:;Could not understand the proper meaning of this clause, perhaps due to the missing of subsection 4, but as per the Plaintiff views,  The arbitrator has  nowhere used any tinder language  therefore present appeal deserve to be dismissed  since Bonanza has used derogatory words against the arbitrator at many places.
Section 14(2) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(2) If a controversy remains concerning any of the grounds referred to in clause (a) of sub- section (1), a party may, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, apply to the Court to decide on the termination of the mandate.
Argument :Here controversy still remains that on what grounds the 1st Arbitrator has left the case and under which rule 2nd Arbitrator started the case as a fresh by ignoring the previous order dated, 25/9/12.  Proceedings should be continued and carried-on from there, where it were left.
Section 15(2) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(2) Where the mandate of an arbitrator terminates, a substitute arbitrator shall be appointed according to the rules that were applicable to the appointment of the arbitrator being replaced.
Argument: Here Plaintiff would like to know,  under which rule a non-preferred Arbitrator was appointed as a substitute and why did not he was not handed over the full set of documents alongwith the copy of the  previous ORDER. And on WHAT reasons the mandate of 1st Arbitrator was terminated.
Section 15(3) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(3) Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, where an arbitrator is replaced under subsection (2), any hearings previously held may be repeated at the discretion of the arbitral tribunal.
Argument : Here Plaintiff was always in a thought that the proceedings carry-on from the last Hearing as always happen in Courts..thus a thoroughly new hearing gave him the shock.He was never been asked of being agreed on a fresh start,if asked, He strictly negated it.
Section 15(4) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(4) Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, an order or ruling of the arbitral tribunal made prior to the replacement of an arbitrator under this section shall not be invalid solely because there has been a change in the composition of the arbitral tribunal. 
Argument:As per this section  his previous hearing ORDER,25/9/12 was purely VALID  but outrightly neglected by Bonanza,MCX and Ld. substituted arbitrator. Moreover the Arbitrator was not having the previous hearings-related files.Therfore, in my view, that order is still valid.
Section 18 in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
18. Equal treatment of parties. The parties shall be, treated with equality and each party shall be given a full opportunity to present his case.
Argument: Like as he has said at many places much of the time t Arbitratorhe heard Bonanza and many of his facts have been out-rightly not only ignored but neither inquired nor investigated.
Section 21 in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
21. Commencement of arbitral proceedings. 
Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the arbitral proceedings in respect of a particular dispute commence on the date on which a request for that dispute to be referred to arbitration is received by the respondent.
Argument: He  has already mentioned that his arbitration plea was submitted on 23/5/12 and It was reached on 28/5/12 to MCX-Mumbai and Bonanza-Delhi simultaneously, but very first para of the  award  states that the proceedings got initiated from 9/8/12 i.e. around 3 months later.
Section 24(3) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(3) All statements, documents or other information supplied to, or applications made to, the arbitral tribunal by one party shall be communicated to the other party, and any expert report or evidentiary document on which the arbitral tribunal may rely in making its decision shall be communicated to the parties.
Argument: Leave out the Parties here. In this regard even subtituted arbitrator did not have the full set of documents pertaining to 1st Hearing and some thereafter Rejoinders.Although he was unaware of that Hearing , its  ORDER and its contents, made by the 1st arbitrator.
Section 25(b) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(b) the respodent fails to communicate his statement of defence in accordance with sub- section (1) of section 23, the arbitral tribunal shall continue the proceedings without treating that failure in itself as an admission of the allegation of the allegation by the claimant;
Argument: In this context, Plaintiff was not heard properly as a COMPLAINANT but Respondent has been heard much of the time on the contradictory grounds of this Section.
Section 26(1)(a) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(a) appoint one or more expert to report to it on specific issues to be determined by the arbitral tribunal, and
Argument: As per this section Arbitrator should have taken the services of an Accounting and IT experts since he himself had just  Advocacy expertise. That is why he later on could not figure out the reasonable Award amount and nor uttered a single word about ODIN Shortcomings, edited CDs and their transcripts ,Technical Complexities and Reception Failures.
Section 28(3) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(3) In all cases, the arbitral tribunal shall decide in accordance with the terms of the contract and shall take into account the usages of the trade applicable to the transaction.
Argument: As per this section arbitrator did not  ask anything about the functioning and usages of the trade which need to be essentially applicable for the execution of the  transactions. Infact the Arbitrator seemed to be appeared as totally Raw and Novice in this field.
Section 31(3) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(3) The arbitral award shall state the reasons upon which it is based, unless-
(a) the parties have agreed that no masons are to be given, or
Argument: As per this section  t Arbitratorhe did not  give the explanations of around 30 points which are raised as point by point counter- reply against the award--submitted in MCX  on 11/4/13 -- before the final amendment of the award i.e. on 12/4/13.He must reasoned out those points in that amendment.
Section 34(3) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(3) An application for setting aside may not be made after three months have elapsed from the date on which die party making that application had received the arbitral award or, if a request had been made under section 33, from the date on which that request had bow disposed of by the arbitral tribunal: Provided that if the Court is satisfied that the applicant was prevented by sufficient cause from making the application within the said period of three months it may entertain the application within a further period of thirty days, but not thereafter.
Argument: Since the award was made on 7/3/13, dispatched  by MCX on 13/3/13. received at  both parties maximum end on  OR around on 17/3/13-- makes this APPEAL as non-maintainable since it is filed after the expiry of 3 months i.e. on 22/3/13 and summoned after 4-5 days later.
In this regard Bonanza may argue that it has recieved the award after 22/3/13 to justify or testify the Appealing-claim, then court may  demand the proof of receiving.Since the Plaintiff had received this award exactly on 17/3/13 by speedpost hence his point of defence, solidify his stand more logically.
Bonanza will also claim that it had made an application u/s 33 then court may use its discretionary power by  deciding that the just ''one page of award  with a single WORD'' was amended on 12/4/13, then why did MCX took 2 weeks more to deliver it.  Was it a pre-planned strategy or not?
All this was done to avail the facility of Appealing and keeping the Plaintiff unaware of these proceedings.
Section 34(4) in The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
(4) On receipt of an application under sub- section (1), the Court may, where it is
appropriate and it is so requested by a party, adjourn the proceedings for a period of time determined by it in order to give the arbitral tribunal an opportunity to resume the arbitral proceedings or to take such other action as in the opinion of arbitral tribunal will eliminate the grounds for setting aside the arbitral award. 
Argument: If at Last,Hon,ble Court does not have any other option or remedy except than ordering aside the Award,Then the Plaintiff appeals that court shall redirect the Arbitrator as per the directions of this section.
Moreover Hon,ble Court should take in its cognizance that if an Respondent is seeming eager to avail the advantage of sec. 34 than there are lots of other Sections  in the Act of which many of such advantages should be granted to the Plaintiff.  
                                                             Plaintiff-                                                           -in person
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       As per our discussions held,I am mailing u  some new stuff and hoping to  get a

       Quick reply.

                                                 PUZZLE SINGH

      T==Anek shabdon ke liye ek shabd batao-wo kon sa prani hai jisme witch,bitch or

            leech ke  sabhi gunn hote hain


      T== kisi aise band ka naam batao jo kewal ro-ro kar hi music deta hai


      T==sansar ka sabse bada dukh jo ghar mein sabse badi khushi ban kar aata hai

      pz== marriage

      T== durr fitte moonh

      pz==yes mam[he takes his mouth maximum away]

      T== sansar ki sabse bhyankar sirdard ki bimari


      T==sansar ki sabse purani cheez jo aaj tak istemaal nahin hui



      T==puzzle putr husband or wife mein kyya kyya antar or samaantayen hotti hain

      pz==husband ke pas ek hi hota hai or wife ke paas do-do...

      T== kya bak raha hai idiot

      pz==deemaag teacher deemag-aapne suna nahin aadmi ka to uske sir mein hota hai

             jabki orat ka deemaag ya to ghutnon mein hota hai ya fir gitton[ankles] mein

      T== achha!Aage

      pz==Dono ke jeene ka ek hi sahara hota hai-Belan-Husband khaa-khaa ke jeeta hai

              or wife maar-maar ke

      T==Kyon apne ghar ki kahaani suna raha hai idiot

      pz==mam ye to gharghar ki kahaani hai-ekta kapoor ke bhi

      T== or koi antar

      pz==dono mein teesra antar hota hai- jabaan ka- husband ki jabaan kabhi khulti nahin

              kyonki  bol jo nahin paata bechara or wife ki jabaan kabhi rukti nahin-har dam

              kainchi ki tarah jo chalti hai


       T==Puzzle bete char aise intelligent logon ke naam batao jinme se ek bolta ho, doosra

             sirf daant dikhaata ho or baaki do kisi ko najar na aate hon.

       pz==puzzle singh,sardar surinder or santa singh and banta singh  

       T== Jaa paan le aa-isko english  mein translate karo

       pz== pehle aap hindi mein to theek se translate karo-japan bhala koi la sakta hai-wo

               to tokiyo  mein hain na

        T==offoh! kya karoon main iska

       pz==mam kuch bhi karna-bas mera achaar mat daalna

        T== and by the way,tokiyo japan mein hai,japan tokiyo mein nahin

       pz== hoga-who cares

        T== or maine tumse khane waale paan ke baare mein poocha tha

       pz==Poocha hoga-who cares

       T== durr fitte moonh

       pz==kyun fitte mun..yoon fitte moon[He takes his mouth away]


       pz==teacherteacher aaj main aap se kuch sawaal poochun


       pz==teenon ka ek hi  one word mein answer hai-de dengi

       T==kyon nahin doongi-jaroor doongi

       pz==wo kya cheej hai-jo ham nahin khayenge to mar jayenge

       T==oooon![she thinks but could not answer]

       pz==Sansar mein maa-baap se badi kya cheej hai

       T== kya baat hai aaj to bade oonche oonche sawaal pooch raha hai-mam ki class le

             raha hai

       pz==teacher aaj na thoda deemag ko use karne ka dil kar raha tha so...kiya kiya

               [piyapiya..song tune]

       T==ooon![she thinks again but failed]

       pz== pyaar se badi kya cheej hai

       T== oooon![she thinks again but this time also failed]

       T==by the way, kya answer hai in sawalon ka


       T==hoon ...to tumhaare pass bhi jawaab nahin...bas bol gai tain

       pz==mammam yahi to jawab hai



                                       Mere pati girpade

       w==suno papa ka na phone aaya tha wo shaam ki flight se yahan aa rahe hain

       h==achha! patangein bechne wale ab patangon se fly bhi karne lage

       w==dekho dekho-I warn u khabardaar-jo papa ke against kuch bhi bola to-wo patangein

              bechte nahin banaate hain-we r the makers-the 'kites' maker.

       h==jaanta hoon jaanta hoon-usse pehle wo fatti patangon ko chepiyan lagakar ek

             rupaye ki char..ek ki chaar...[he speaks like a hawker] kiya karte the

       w==now enough is enough-aakhir tum papa se itna chidte kyun ho

       h==yaad hai tumhe wo mangal ki raat-jis din badkiismati se hamari shadi ho rahi thi -

             kanyadaan ke samay unhone tumhaare haath ki sabse choti ungli dete kaha  tha-

             beta ab ye sirf ungli nahin, poori ungli waali hi tumhaari hai...

       w==kuch or bhi to kaha tha-tumhaare kanon mein

       h==...beta damaad na sasur ka wo gadha hota hai jo sasur ki cement ki bori saari umar

             kandhe par dho kar chalta hai-saath mein namastey karta hai or paye-lagoon bhi

       w==what! tumne mujhe cement ki bori kaha

       h==gadhi ji khud ko gadha bhi to kaha...dhenchu..dhenchu


       h==hoon!chee! mrs girpade ye koi chai hai-ek dam ublaa paani-kitni baar kaha hai paani

             ko khoob ubaala karo

       w==pani to maine aaddha ghanta ubaala-tab jakar patti-cheeni daala

       h==o god!theek kaha tha pandit ne shaadi se pehle-beta tumhaare apni wife se 98 gunn

             milenge par 2 gunn na milenge...

       w==Really!tumhaare mere 98 gunn milte-kabhi bataya nahin

       h==...or  2 gunn isliye na milenge kyunki wife tumhaari na apne dimag se kabhi kuch na

             kar payegi or jab koi use samjhayega to wo apna dimag chalayegi.

       w==aain![she scrathes her head]


                   [wife appears in mangoes-printed suit while husband is ready to go]

      h==mrs. darling-main kaisa lag raha hoon

      w==jaise ho waise hi to lagoge na-koi aam thodi na lage hain tumme

      h==wo to aap mein lage hain-lajo ji

      w==hish..ish[she blushes]


      w==are haan aamon se yaad aaya-maa ne kache aam bhijwaye hain-achaar daal dena

      h==kyun na bhijwayengi-pehle tumhaare jaisa galla hua aam galle daal diya-ab kache

            aam...hey bhagwaan...main koi achaar waala hoon[jumps towards the god]


      w== suno main mayke jaa rahi hoon

      h==kyon-kiski terhnvi hai


      h==to wahan kyon ja rahi ho-yahin celebrate karo na

      w==usi ke liye hi ja rahi hoon-wahan derh darjan saadiyan padi hai-pure white-wahi lene

            ja rahi hoon

      h==acha papa ne is baar saadiyon ka naya showroom khola kya -widwaon ke liye-

           aakhir wo bhi to duniya chodne waale hain...thodi mummy ji ke liye bhi chod aana

      w==hmmmm...[she jumps like a preying cat]


      h== jee to karta hai tumhaare totte-totte kar doon-ye daal banai hai -isme daal kahan hai

      w==darling kya ho gaya hai aapko-shaadi se pehle to karte the..Hai mera totta..mera totta

             or ab apne is totte ke chottechottechottechotte totte karna chahte ho

      h==are shaadi se pehle to main gaana bhi gaata tha..totta meri totta...main to tera ho

            gaya[song;tota mere tota main to teri ho gayi]

      w==to ab cassette ki B side badlo na- dil totte totte ho gaya...

       [husband pulls his hair]


       w==suno koi serious joke sunao na-sunao na

       h==tumhe yaad hai wo mangal ki raat

       w== hoon ye koi joke hai

       h==pagli isse serious koi joke nahin ho sakta or tumse dangerous koi jonk[leech] nahin

             ho sakti

       w==ab bas bhi karo na-ek mangal ko shaadi hui thi par tum  har mangal ke peeche

              haath dho ke pad gaye ho...pata hai char mangal to gali mein hi rehte hain

       h==tum nahin samjhogi-shaadi ham sab husbandon ki wo dukhdayi yatra hoti hai jo

           shuru to suhaagraat se hoti hai par khatam jakar shamshaan ghaat  par hi hoti hai

       w==thank god-ab pahunche na manjil par-the final destination


       w==suno kya sach mein har aadmi apni wife se itna dukhi hota hai-jitne ki tum

       h==nahin nahin kuch husbands kaafi khush bhi hote hain


       h==mera ek friend hai-shaadi ke saat din baad uski biwi swarg sidhaar gayi-bechaara

             swarg ke dwar tak use chod kar aaya-or baahar se kundi bhi laga kar aaya ki             

             kahin lott hi na aaye- swargwasini-or tabla master hussain saheb ko to tum jaanti

             hi ho -teen teen shadiyan ki unhone-aaj behad sukhi hain-ek ek bache ko teen teen

             maayen mil gayi-or ek ek table ko teen teen ablayen

      w==isme unka kya fayda hua

      h== are sawa darjan saaliyan mili hain dahej mein-chothi biwi unhi mein se hi dhoond

             rahe hain

      w==hoon.. fir to bahut jald chotha hi hoga tumhaare is hussain saab ka


      h== dear raat ko mujhe sapna aaya -bhagwaan aaye or bolle bacha teen var maang

      w==achaa!fir tumne kya maanga

      h==main bola bhagwun-aap teen nahin ek hi var dijiye-par is promise ke saath ki aap use

            har haal poora karenge

      bh=ok I promise maango kya maangte ho

      h==bhagwun ap meri wife le jaiye

      bh= vats apni to main kahin chod kar aaya hoon-bola wait here main abi aata-par ab main

            nahin jaata-or tum kehte ho tumhaari le jaon-kyun le jaoon


       soniya ji ne jaya ji ko chai par bulaya taaki chunaav mein haar ki wajah jaan saken

              ..to pata chala ki madam ji ko voton se jyaada to jootiyan/chapplen milin hain-kyunki

                unhe inhi ka hi shonk hai


       popsinger shakira ne ek motte aadmi ki shaadi mein 'wakawaka...' gaane par perform kiya

              ...majboori thi bechaari ki-kyunki 'hips dont lie...' par motta aadmi galle pad gaya tha

                 ki kyon use ched rahi hai


       IMF chief rape karne ki koshish mein newyork mein giraftaar

              ...tabhi dukhi hain bechaare=giraftaar hain isliye nahin-balki apne failure attempt par


       Aaj ki baasi magar sabse taazii khabar-osama maara gaya

              ...par dhyan rahe egg,potato,banana and osama har jagah paaya jaata hai or ek jaisa

                 hi najar aata hai


      Padosi desh/pakistan bharat par hamle ke liye fir se poori tarah taiyaar

              ...lagta hai khud ko sansar ke maanchitra mein dekh-dekh kar tang aa gaya hai--najar

                 nahin aata na khud ko-isliye ab duniya ko physically bhi najar nahin aana maangta


     popsinger sylloni ne apne indian pati ki hatya ki

              ...bechari jaanti nahin thi ki ye india hai meri jaan-yahan ke pati jinda rehte hue mar-mar

     ke jeete hain or marne ke baad to isi khushi mein hi jee uthte hai ki chalo wife se jaan to chooti


     chirag paswan kangna ke saath 'one and only, mein intimate scene karne se sharmaye

              ...isliye unhone ek ek scene ke liye kai kai retake filmaye-taaki sharam bhi door door tak

                 na sharmaye


    rahul bose shefali shah se kuch kuch naaraj hain kyunki 'kuch luv jaisa' mein luv jaisa kuch na


              ...isliye aajkal wo twitter par 'kuch luv jaisa' lagne waala kuch-kuch maang rahe hain-

                 kuch na dikhne wali shefaliyon se or kuch-kuch apni si lagne wali saaliyon se


    delhi-belly ka  dkbose ashlil maana gaya-kyunki continuation mein  yah gaana gaali deta hai

              ...chalo isi bahaane mahilayon ko wo gaaliyan seekhne ko mil rahin hain-jinhe sirf mard log

                 hi dete the-aane wale samay mein sabhi mard hi dk bose  kahlayenge-kyunki sabhi

                 mossiyan or mahilayen unki shaan mein yahi gaana  jo gayengi-Thanks Abhinay


     'satte pe satta' ke remake mein madhuri ji hema ji ki jagah lengi

             ...my god-is baar saat ki jagah saath crore[youth] ullu ke pathe/gadhe unke isharon par

      dance karna sekhenge or ladkiyan pataana bhi-remember-jhuka ke sir ko bolo-madam-I like u                                                              


     'love,sex or dhokha' ki heroine ka naam koi nahin jaanta

        ...naam kon dekhta hai jab itne saste daam mein itni badiya talking-doll mile-fully disposable

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 This is with ref.to our talks held earlier I hereby mail you a serial proposal- not comic but touchy this time.
 After a month long search and reading I have found an out and out  subject based on the women based stories penned up by one of our legendary writer Munshi Premchand.
There are about 100 stories in which different women characters are portrayed as:
              ---Women as true beloved
              ---Women as dedicated wife
              ---Women as widow
              ---Women as inspirator
              ---Women as exploited and neglected
              ---Women in the  greed of money and ornaments
              ---Women leaning towards prostitution
              ---Women as a failure and many other different shades

 All of these stories can be represented as 'as it is',semi-modified or fully-modified mode as per your suggestions. 
 Look at the suggested title and some of their stories themes.
               Munshi Premchand ke naari-pradhaan charitron par adhaarit

                                  YE BECHAARI---TITLIYAN

                                                                     .....jo deti kewal rass thi-par peeti sirf----vish thi

  Nirvaasan mein naayika kho jaane par touts ke haath pad jaati hai or waapis lotne par pati use apnaata nahin,
  Shoodra or ijjat ka khoon mein naayikayen buri orton ke kaaran patit hokar vaishyavriti ki or unmukh hoti hain.
  Narak ka maarg ki nayika badi umar kepati dwara shak ki nigaah se dekhi jaati hai or vidhwa hone par khushi mahsoos
  karti hai.
  Do kabren ki naayika pati dwara patnitwa na pradaan kiye jaane par suicide karti hai.
  Laanchan ki devi apne sondarya ki jhhothi prashansa paane ki khatir patit hoti hai.
  actress ki taara ko uska katu prem bajaaru bana deta

  Along with  baalak,bahishkaar,jaadu,kaamna taru,dhokha and about 100 more stories are in pipeline 

Fwd: One Page Comedies

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Date: Sun, May 8, 2011 at 9:41 PM
Subject: One Page Comedies
To: tanuj.nagpal3@gmail.com

                                                                         One Page Comedies

       [Character appears as raavan with 6 faces in the court of a reporter]

Rep-- Raavan ji main janta ki taraf se prashan poochta hoon aapse-baaki muunh kahan gaye aapke
Ravn- Bus mein chadte samay chinn-bhinn ho gaye -arthaat toott gaye-hamen samajh nahin aati-itna virat vishaal vikraal waahan or naam rakha hai- kewal bus
Rep-- shriman wo kisi kewal-vewal ki bus nahin hai-use sirf bus kehte hain- mumbai ki bhaasha mein fakat bus-angreji mein only bus or sanskrit mein...
Ravn- Bus bus
Rep-- Yes yes now u got the bus point-anyhow 6 munh hai aapke-baaki 4 kaise chinnbhinn hue
Ravn- Dhai munh to ye aapki itni jara si[shows small finger] bus ke pravesh dwaar se urdhwagaman arthaat chadte hue or derh munh nimnawartan arthaat utarte hue chinnbhinn ho gaye...or to or log hamein raavan kehna bhool gaye hain...abhi hum aa rahe the to log kah rahe the ...wo dekho chakka...kya hum mukh se chakka nat=jar aate hain
Rep--ghabraiye nahin aapko bhi  chakka usi  wajah se kaha gaya hai jis wajah se unhe kaha jaata hai-tu munh pe mat le yaar
Ravn- Theek hai-to nahin lete
Rep- -By the way india kis liye aana hua
Ravn- Aap to jaante hain ab lanka mein to hamaari ffffatti hai/chalti nahin ...wahaan litte[LTTE] walon ne apni lanka bana li hai-humne bhi socha kyon na yahin ghar basaa le-isliye hum shanti ki khoj mein aaye hain -par yahan to usne apna naam madira deti rakh liya-Batayiye saalon pehle doordarshan mein apna pitaa dhoond rahi thi aaj hum baap ban kar aaye..to logon ko madira deti fir rahi hain ...ghor kalyug
Rep-- Ab jahan aap honge wahan ghor kalyug to hona hi hai -waise unka asli naam mandira bedi hai-madira deti nahin...By the way ab aap kya karenge
Ravn--Ab hum mukti ko dhoondege-wo bhi suna hai dance show kar rahi hain...ghor kalyug aagaya hai-shanti daaru bech rahi..mukti mujra farma rahi hai...manushya dhoonde to kise dhoonde
Rep-- By the way aap manushya kahan se hain ..na yahan se na wahan se hain
                                                                                              Can be contd...
         [Character visits a bank 4 loan and talks with the bank's watchman]

Hero-- Sun -loan milega[he pulls from his collar and speaks in his ears]
wman- milega-kyon nahin milega-jisko b loan chahiye usko aaj talak to  mila nahin-pan tere ko jaroor milega-tu ooper wale ko de ke jo aaya-----application....waise kai ke ke waste chahiye loan
Hero-- Are yaar mera na kutta mar gaya hai--kirya karam karna hai uska
wman- Aain! kutta ka kirya karam!-ama yaar mitti nikaal-kootta daal- fir mitti daal-khallas....loan kaike waste re
Hero-- ama yaar tu nahin samjega-challees kilo haddi leni hai or bees kilo rui[cotton]
wman-- kaiko
hero-- amayaar kutte ki biraadri bhai bahin aaye rahin--pakistan ki koota mandi se bhi chaar trains bhar ke nikle rahin-sabhi mere ghar ko rone ke waste aaye rahin -mohalle mean charan taraf kooota hi koota najar aaye rahin-saalon ko haddi daalo fir bhi bhonkte hain
wman-- kaiko
hero--  Main samajta bhookey hain-to haddi daalta ki abhi chuup ho jayenge-par fir bhonkne baith jaate.tabi main samaj jaata ki marre hue kutte ki yaad mein ro-ro ke bhonk rahe -but ab problem ye ho gayi hai ki maloom hi nahin padta ki kitne  bhook ki wajah se bhonk rahen hain or kitne maatam ki wajah se
wman--ooper se chaar train or aa rahi hain
Hero haami bharta hai
wman-- bade kutte hain saale kutte-par rui kaiko-wo bi bees kilo
hero-- -ama yaar meri biraadri wale bhi to afsos karne aaye rahe-saalon ko kaan band karne ke liye rui deta hoon-ear bud ki tarah use karke do-do minute mein kaan se bahar thookte hain-kuch usi ko haajme ki goli samaj ke nigal jaate-or kuch to uski batti banakar apni kabji theek kar rahen hain
wman-- sachi rui ka itna rush to maternity ward ke bahar bi na hoyenga jitna tere ghar ke bahar laga hoyenga
                                                                                                                               can be contd...
                         [character gives an interview]
Rep--- Raju ji aapko mumbai aaye itna samay ho gaya-aaj kuch public se share kijiye
raju--- Bada hi majedar saharwa hai ee mumbaiwa-suru mein hum ek din kisise poocha ki bhaiya andheri west jaana hi-to wo tapaak se bola-rail ticket hai tumhaare paas-hum bola hammka bus se jaana hah-to wo bola tumka bus se jaana hai oo hum jaanta hai-pan rail ticket aapke paas hoyenga to main aapko rail-pul se jaane ka aasan short cut batayega-rail ticket nahin hoga to main tumko bade pul ka long-cut raasta batayega -nahin to tum pakda jayega
     Baad mean humka pata chala ki rail pul paar karne ke waste hamre paas railticket hona jaroori
Rep-- Aapko yahan khaane peene ki koi dikkat to na hui
raju--peene ki -no dikkat-jagahjagah bar hi bar -parr chai peene ki ghani dikkat-surusuru hum ek jagah chai peene baithe-likha tha -chai anarkali10 rupaya,cutting 5rupaya,chai mugleaajam 13 rupaya-hamaar khopadiya ghhoom gayi sasuria-yo mugleaajam or annarkali ke beech kon nai baitha paanch rupaya mein baal kaat raha hai or kahan ke baal kaat raha hai- baad mein hamka maloom pada thodi si jo peenee ho to 5rupayya....thodi or jo leni ho to 10rupayya...or shahanshah ji so leni ho to 13 rupayaa
Rep-- yahan khaane mein aapne kya pakaaya
raju-- khaane mein hum kya pakaaya..khaana humko khoob pakaaya --surusuru mean hum ek hotel waale se poochan rahin -bhaiya seeda saada daal chapaati kahin milta hai-wo bola-hariprasad ka naam suna hai -suna kya hum to dekhen bhi rahin usko-oo saala sadma mein siri devi ka kutta rahin-oo saala humkka daal chawal khilaye rahin-itta bada hot dog ho gaya kuttarya--jaa bhaiya maaf kar-ye main nahin hotel wala haath jodkar bola mere koo--main fir ek hotel mein ghusa,poocha khaane ko kyakya...wo bola sir vada paav,paav bhajiya,paav bhurji...usne or bi bahut paav paav kiya to main poocha ae bina paanv ke kuchh nahin tere paas..ae saab bina paanv koi jindagi saali..aadmi na khada ho sakta na kar sakta  -ya saala to apun ka bi baap pakau hai ae ja na tu sir vada paav le aa--sir main aapko bola sir- baad mein aap kahin mere koo  bolo ki paanv ke saath sir to hai hi nahin..ab ja bhi-le mera sir saath le ja-wo gaya or main socha haathi ka sa koi bada sa paanv hoga lagta hai agle 8-10 din kuch khaana na padega-jab wo aaya or laaya to main besan ke ande  par aatte ka peda dekh kar dang rah gaya ..obhai aisa peda to hamaare yahaan gaiyaan khaati..wo gaya to main  usko uthaya or dabaaya to bada naram naram paaya. Pata nahin khaane ka hai ya dabaane ka..ya dabaate dabaate khane ka hai ya khate khate dabaane ka hai 
Rep-- Mumbai ki sabse achi baat kya lagi aapko
Raju-- Every thing neat and clean-systematic-no smoking,no spitting,no pissing...kisi se bi hindi angreji mein kuch poocho to wo dheere se marathi-madrasi mein kaan  mein hawa karta nikal jaata...public toilets kahin najar nahin aate..sach poochiye main bi ab apne outlet par bottle taangkar nikalta hai ki kahin ...dhaar aa na jaye[kahin pyaar ho na jaye tone]
          [This is an Akbar Birbal Comedy with some below belt punches.Akbar invites some well known legends from mythology,history and some from this era.To avoid any controversy it can be shown as a dream seen by a Khyali Ram who is used to see the dreams.Akbar pronouns sometimes wrong while Birbal rectifies him.Names can also be changed ]

   [Akbar and Birbal are roaming in darbaar suddenly anarkali[Bharti] appears]

ab==aapki tareekh
ak==hillehillahi-kaneej ko anarkali kehte hain
ab==khabardaar jo jhooth bola to- hum achi tarah jaante hain ki mardaana kameej ko kameej kehte hain or janaana kameej ko to shammeez kehte hain
bb==jilleelahi-ladki kaneej kah rahi hai -kaneej bole to daasi
ab==daasi hai to itni udaasi kyon bhheedmal
bb==maharaj mera naam birbal hai kripya hamen bheed ka mall na banaye-kasam se boo aane lagti hain
ab==wo to hamen bhi aa rahi hai--kon sa itra lagaya ladki
ak==ji tel lagaaya-saande ka-soonghege ya chatenge
ab==wo sab-shadi ke baad-waise naam kya hai tumhara
ak==abhi to bataya-anaarkali
ab==majaak karti ho -kali kahan se dikhti ho-are tum to poora  anaar ho annar
ak==kshama kijiye...aap bhi akbar kahin se nahin dikhte..aap bhi poora jhaad hain jhaad
ab==londiya-jabaan sambhal apni
ak==ji meri to munh ke andar hi hai-aapki ghutnon tak latki padi hai---------mujhe dekhkar
ab==birbal chokri chahti kya hai-pata nahin kuch dene aai hai ki lene...pooocho jara poocho ise kya hua hai
ak==rajaji tumse dil lagaane ki sajaa hai[she dances]
ab==to fir kaho na ...pyaar hai
ak==kaha na pyaar hai...par rajaji aap kaise samajh gaye ki ham shahjada salim se pyaar karte hain
ab==are hhum to songa rahe the aapne dispose kar diya 
bb==purpose kar diya 
ak==hillehillahi main aapko nahin salim ko purpose kar rahi thi
ab==to fir use karo hamaare sang ye saambha nritya kis khushi main
ak==wo isliye kyonki bete se pehle baapu pataana jaroori
ab==aisa kya..to fir pataopatao...aao bheedmal...
ab==tum bhi aao patao ladki aaj tum hamen khoob patao
ak==pata to liya..dekhiye aap kitne khush najar aa rahen hain..pahle ghutnon tak jeebh nikal rahi thi ab eidi tak raal tapak rahi hai
[Akbar observes his saliva dropping down.Suddenly Salim[khayali]appears]
sm==kya raha anara
ak==gupta mat bolna..khabardaar jo annara gupta bola to..nahin to main nahin to main..
sm==nahin to kya
ak==...maharaj ko bhi saath mein set kar loongi
sm== to karo na..karo na baap hai
ab== khaamosh------------- hone ki jaroorat nahin hai[akbar dances with ak]karo karo set karo hamen..karo na baap hain..kaho na pyaar hai
ak==Hillahilahi-[ak looks into ab eyes]aap to sach mein line maarne lage..maine aisa to nahin kaha tha
sm==maine bhi aisa nahin  kaha tha
ab==par ab maine kah diya na-kah diya[amitab style]..waise bhi kya rakha haiis sookhey thoonth mein-socho log tumhaari jodi ko kya naam denge...anaarekhyali..or hamaari jodi ko
ak== or hamaari jodi ko
ak==o realy-u mean dhoja bai ki chutti
ab==....Rani dhoja bai ab dhona bhool gain hain ...bengan banaati hain par dhoti tak nahin..maloom hai[ab whispers]us din hamne banana diya -boley dho do
ak==shit..banana koi dhota hai
ab== bhai keechad mein gir gaya tha ..dhoyenge nahin to kya aise hi d..
ak==samajh gai sab smajh gai aap dhoyege nahin to aise thodi na d...
ab==dakaar jayege aaaaa..hum koi dangar  hain
sm==zalliludeen[all of a sudden salim screams and blows a shankh]...pooooon....
ak==lo isne to jang ched di
ab ==tum chup raho ab ham shekhu ko set karte hain...waise tum to set ho na ab
sm==jahanpaanaah ke bachey aaj aapko duniya se fanaa na kar diya to...
ab==to duniya hamen jahanfanaa kehne lagegi
sm==itne burey din aa gaye hamaare ki hamaare  ration card par  ab pyaaj aap lootenge...poooon
ab==shaant-shekhu shhant
sm==shekhu kabhi shant baith sakta - wo to gag ke beech mein bhi  mokka dhoondta ki kab artist logon ke munh mein belan daale...poooooon
ab== bhompu band karo ab..saari gas nikal jayegi
  [sm puts off his shankh and controls his breath]
ab==beta salim kya aapne kabhi anaarkali ko dekha hai
sm==achi tarah
ab==dhyan se dekha hai
sm==tabhi to shaadi kar raha hoon
ab==bachey..wajan dekh iska..dekh kitni bhaari hai 
sm==ab bharti hai to bhaari to hogi hi na...samjha[he thinks] kahin aisa to nahin itna wajni maal aapko apne liye jyada suitable lag raha hai
   [ab conceals his feelings]
ab== beta jindagi nein insaan kuch faisle itne bhaari le leta hai ki pehli hi raat mein saari khumaari  nikal jaati hai
sm==aaap kahna kya chahte hain..mujhe aapki neeyat bad se badnaam hoti najar aa rahi hai...pata nahin kyon mashooka maan banti najar aa rahi hai
ab==ddddil pe mat le yaar ...ddddooor ki soch
sm==aap jitni door ki nahin soch sakta main,,,pehli najar mein hone waali bahu set kar li aapne..are..had kar di aapnehad kar di aapne[song]
ab==tereliye ..teriliye..hum hain jiye[veerjaara song]
sm==nana..bapu please..ab senti goli or na de..hum jaante aap hamen kattai pyaar nahin karte
ab==ham tumhe chahte hai itna marne waala koi...
sm==khabardarkhabardaar..poooooon..jo agli senti-dose di aapne to
ab== beta salim raham kar...maan bana le beta..anarkali ji ko apni maan....
sm== pooooon
ab==itna pooonpoon mat kar beta
ak==shekhu-hilleelahi theek kahte hain..shaadi oonch neech ka khel hai..ups and down ki game hai ..socho jab tum upside down rahoge to mujhe pata na padega..jab main upload hui to ..tumhaara pata na chalega...haan salim haan tum mar bhi sakteho
sm== tum bhi...bewafa nikli anarkali..saari umar daana hum daalte rahe or ghaas baapu charega
ab== aise thodi na kehte..ghaasghaas par najar rakhta boss
sm==ye baat to aise kya waise bhi nahin kehte..chod gayi balli mujhe hai akela chod gayi[salim turns and moves]
ab==na ja kahin ab na ja
sm== hnn..dekh liya koi hamse pyaar nahin karta
ab== na beta na ..beta baap ke dil ka wo tukda hota hai jo uske seene se baahar dhadkta hai
sm== khabardaar jo or senti kiya aapne..hum sab jaante..tum puraani duniya ke ghisse hue log kaise bahlaate  apne bachon ko..maano hamaara dil hamaara dil nahin..aapka hindustan ho jahan har saans ke baad agli saans ko bhi nikalane ke liye ijajat leni padti hai aapse
ab==lagta hai aap bhool gaye ki kitni mushkilon ke baad hamne tumhe paaya hai...
sm== hmmm
ab== ...humne poorey 11 mahinon ki pad yatra ki thi.wo bhi  nange paanv...pooch lo us naansen se
bb== Taansen se
ab== poorey raaste wo hamaare kaan khata aaya tha..usne gaana bhi gaaya tha nange nange pairi maiyya akbar aaya..chhaale pad gaye the hamaare paanv mein pata hai...
sm==pata hai pata hai...sirf maata ke darbaar mein aap nange paanv gaye the...warna poorey raaste to aap haathi par hi baithe rahe the
ab == to kya haathi nange paanv  nahin the ..bhheedmal samjhao isko..kaise shak ki nigahon se dekh raha hai...
bb== ab 11 mahinon kiaap yatra pe rahenge..peeche se shekhu paida ho  jayega..to shak ki nigaahon se to dekhna banta hai na uska 
ab==arre! tum bhi to iski delivery ke wakt yahin the..batao to isko jab ham yatra se lotte the to ye nanha salim kaise dhul raha tha raani dhoja bai ki baahon mein...yaad hai tumhe wo scene..raani ji ki jaangho par leta tha ye nangoo..wo iski peeth pe sabun ghisti thi..phir sotte/thaapi se peetti thi..phir ulta seedha  patak patak kar iski saari jhaag nikaalti thi..or aakhir mein nichodkar..
bb== bas kijiye maharaj-bacha hai aapka-kachcha nahin
sm== poooon..abbu jaan bahut dhoya aapne mujhe..or mera yakeen kijiye..aapko bhi wahin jung ke maidaan mein dhoya bhi jayega or nichoda bhi jayega...pooon
    [salim turns and moves]
ab ==vijay[dilip kumar's scream-Shakti]
ak== O mere laal aaja 
bb==yah achi baat nahin hai-dil tod diya bachey ka..ab dekhiyega wo aapko todega
ab==parwaah nahin...hooon..tum kya jaano baap apne mootra..
bb== putra
ab== ....ke liye kyakya kurbaani  de sakta hai
bb==kurbaani kya di aapne..balki uski to janaani chheen li aapne
ab==tum nahin samjoge..tabhi to bhagwaan ne aapko koi mootra...
bb==putra putra
ab==...nahin diya..do u know  size always matter...kyun maharani
ak== yah sir..size always matters..but it never mattered me..sachi I shapath
ab== ye to or bhi acha hai ab jab hamaari olaad hogi to wakai folaad hogi..kyun raani
ak== ji hillehillahi-khayali ko bhi fakhra hoga ki uska sequel bhai khali  aaya hai...main bhi gaana gayegi..mere ghar aai ik nanha khali..saandni ke hasin rath pe sawaar
          [suddenly jodha appears]
jb== kya ho raha hai yahan
ak==kkkkuch nahin kuch nahin ..ham to bus peeractis
ab== ....kar rahe the naach india naach ki
jb== dekh rahi hoon bahut par nikal aaye hain aapke..bahu par bhi dorre daalne lage
ak==jjji saasu maan..bahut kameenay kism ke log hote hain jahaan mein..nigaahen rakhte hain kahin pe or nishaana rakhte hain yahanwahan pe
ab== Anarkallioooooooooo
jb== jyada gala mat phado..ikloti awaaj wali nalki bachi hai..wo bhi phusphusa gayi to or problem khadi ho jayegi ...shart lagi thi isme or mujhme...main kahti thi mera suhaag thoda yeda hai -par mera hai..wo kisi or ke chakkar mein pad hi nhi sakta..par ye kahti thi har mard kabhi bhi fisal sakta hai..or aap fisley  ab main aapke saath nahin rah sakti
ab== Matlab hanaare itne saare santre,itne saare karwachoth -sab bekaar gaye
jb== wo to aaj samajh aaya ki tum santre lagaakar parai orton ko taadne jaate the..ya allah kitni nadaan thi main jo yahi samajhti thi ki mera pati mere pyaar mein mere liye karwachoth ke vrat rakhta hai or orat bankar orton mein pooja karne bhi jaata hai

Fwd: Serial project-Narinder Nagpal

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Date: Fri, May 13, 2011 at 4:58 PM
Subject: Serial project-Narinder Nagpal
To: sandhyariaz.cel@gmail.com

As per the discussions/conversation held earlier,I am mailing this project for your kind consideration.
is the story of a family where all the members are used to making or creating fun for each other.They have an unique slogan-
                               Hum apne liye nahin ,logon ke liye sapne dekhte hain 
                               kyonki Hamara sapna hai ki logo ke sapne saakaar hon
               As every body has some unfilled dreams, they do have too,but to live happily their one line  mahamantra is...  
                               Na fikr na faaka...subah sham hansi-thahaaka
Late laala shri Vishnu Prasad Khanna took the promise from each family member to create the humour and make the others smiley at their best.Since he had seen so many scarcity in life ,thus lived like a hell.
Accordong to him,if u are able to make people laugh then worries will automatically run away from u. On the other hand,it enables u to counter your scarcities.

In nutshell, if there is no tension,then there is no depression,no stress,no frustation.And in such condition,Does a problem stay in a house ?Definetely, it would not and then  never. 
This serial also depicts some Khannas VS Khans  funny-cum-eye opening situations to enhance our  national integrity and brotherhood.
At last ,this is our honest attempt to imbibe the people to live with the laughter and to create and find  the laughter which is somewhere hidden or burried in theirselves because of target based responsibilities.
PADMA KHANNA; [age35-40 yrs.] is a keen follower of legendary dancer Helen since her own name belongs to veteran dancer Padma Khanna.She is totally dedicated to her joint family but most of the time she cooks/makes very very special dishes not deliberately but accidentally.For example,In rose milk shake, she mixes red hair oil-thanda thanda cool cool.In bharvan teendays she puts amla instead of teendas.On Helen songs ,she leaves all in-hand jobs and starts dancing.

TITLI KHANNA;[age25-30yrs.] is a huge bharti like character.She does not know english yet runs an english speaking coaching centre,Most of the times,she uses eng. verbs in hindi sentences like 'main to sprint-queen PT Usha banna chaahti thi par papa ne sprintne hi na  diya,boley, swimo to maine swimmna shuru kar diya.

KINKI KHANNA; [age 8-10yrs] ,son of Titli,very naughty, always appears in a bandage/plaster or with some other medical-aid.He is a genius but loves to be called 'Ullu no. 1 ji main Ullu no.1

SITARAMKHANNA;[age25-32yrs.] Titli's husband,loves to be called SRK as he is well inspired by his movie Baadshah.He had a dream to become a famous detective but right now running a factory where coffins and kathis are made for the deads.He has some lucrative schemes like 'buy 1 get three free' and convincing banks to grant some loan.

TOTARAMKHANNA;[age35-42yrs.] Padma's husband,loves to be called The Chillar King,since he is fond of 'khulla paisa'.He has a well established business in Banaras where his sea- divers[read as ganges divers] jumps into the ganga and collect the chillar,thrown by the devotees.

CHINTAMANIKHANNA;[age50-55yrs.], The saasu maa,loves to be called CM,and still loving lata shri Guru Dutt ji-the famous Pyaassa saab

KHYALIKHANNA[age15-20 yrs.],Delivered by CM at last,used to dream differently.Sometimes he dreams Raavan with Big B or sequel of sholay.Many times he forgets his basic body functions.For instance,sitting on a comode but forgets to deliver.Yet he considers himself as  Mr.Perfectionist.

SATPALKHANNA[age60] ;The baap of all,considers himself as wrestler Satpal as he is deputed in a shamshaan as a chokidaar.The common thing between the two is the common wall between the Satpals akhaara and his shamshaan.He is used to give a wakeup call to all the deadbodies--Jaagte Raho
                                                           SOME FUNNY SEQUENCES
PK==jaa lasoodey, ketli ko chai de kar aa
Kinki=Tai-khabardaar jo mummy ko ketli bola to-say-tittttli--tittli khanna
pk==Are!titli to wo tab bhi na thi -jab taaji taaji is ghar mein dulhan ban kar aai thi-uske baad to tu damru paida ho gaya
-ab ek or aane waala hai-  ab main teri  mummy ko bolegi-Tunkee-tanky khanna
TK==hoo say i does not know english-agar aisa happens to itni badi colony mein main english speaking-talking-coaching-teaching entercourse challati-o my bhagwaan  Helen ne chai mein haldi daal di-aander baby hai -kahin sab dakaar gaya to-ab main kya karoon-rahoon seedhi ya ulti hoanu[song]
SRK=Titli hurry up sheershaasan karo-saari chai baahar aa jayegi
KINKI=Kahin bhai baahar aa gaya to-bahan bhi ho sakti hai -may be maybe -kuch bhi ho sakta hai
TK== sir sir[she calls to her boss]main aaj school teachne na aa paoongi-yahan mahabharat worldwar 3 ki pooripoori hopes hain hopes-you lookna-helen ko din mein starein na lookwa di to-mera bhi naam mrs. shrimati makhan fly khanna nahin ..
Cm==ari o helen-kya laga diya mere pairon mein-dekh kitni chheentiyan chipki padi hain
pk==Daiya daiya daiya re-maine maan ke pairon mein gullab sharbat ki maalish kar di-ab teri khair nahin helen-dhichkyaun..dhichkyaun
SRK==paaye lagoon bhabhi
pk===chupp dewar!khabardaar jo fir kabhi 'paaye lagoon' bola to-wo kya hai na sindhi-multani mein na paaye ko na pati kahte hain-arthaat piya -more piya..ab aa ja..mere piya... mosam ne li angdaai
srk==par haidrabaadi mein paaye ko na kharode kahte hain arthaat ankles-samjhi meri twinkle 
                                                                 Khyali Dreams[ SHOLAY SEQUEL]
  [Veeru jai ki jalti chitta dekh kar ro raha hai ki usse kisi ke karhaane ki aaawaj aati hai-wo uthkar aawaj ki disha mein jaata hai]
  vr==Jai!jai tu jinda hai mere yaar-he bhagwaan main to tujhe lakdiyon mein rakhna hi bhool gaya-sorry yaar-chal uth ,main tujhe baahon mein uthaakar abhi chitta maen
jai=== tu jaa fasanti ko bacha-aajkal hangal line maar raha hai-chitta main khudh chad lega
jai== radha ji aap har baar itni safed saariyan kahan se  laati hain
rdha==wo na saariyon ka showroom khola tha babuji ne-I mean sippy saab ne-vidhwaon ke liye-par chala nahin--hnhn-pit gaya-bus wahi saariyan kaam aa rahi hain-gaon ki saari kwariyan yahi apna rahi hain
jai==or apun ko saala-dhai saal tak -ek hi uniform-saala underwear aisa huela jaise ubble aaloo ke chhilke dobaara ubaala main-haath lagao to sticker ki tarah utarta saala-baniyan dekho to jaisa geela newspaper pahna main-saara news print body pe chapela maloom-akha news bulletin body pe padtha main -malloom-hain! ye koi jindagi saala-aanderbaahar aaju baaju se baas maarta gandagi saala-m..
rdha==maloom maloom
mosi==hai hai ye hangal tanki pe kaise chad gaya
gaonwale=humne chadaya mosi-haan kar do mosi-sannata tumse shaadi karna chaahta hai
hungle=kill kar loonga-jump le loonga -gaonwaalo goodbye ke baad susaat saalon-ye jo mosi hai na-ye hamse na fasanti-therefore main jawaanti-and when main jawanti budiya gowanti jail and chakki peesani  peesanti and main tab tak na utranti jab tak mosi love marriage ke liye haan na bolanti
raamu=haan kar do mosi-londa tumhaara haath maang  raha hai
mosi== hai hai kaise haan kar doon raamu verma-haan to maine thakur  ko kar di
hungle=wo toonda-mosi tu us bina haath waale se shaadi karegi-fir uske baad wo kya karega or tu kya karegi
mosi== dil se mile ho dil-to haathon ka kya kaam-waise wo haath lagwaane dilli gaye hain-yahan aakar nai ki dukaan bhi kholenge
hungle==kill kar loo..
mosi===tu niche uttar khangad-tera saara sannata na utaara to...
fasanti=unk...mosi haan kar do -nahin to ek mossa or  kam ho jayega
mosi===jyadi badbad na kari- toone kya mosse ke samose  banaane hain jo ghutnon tak raal tapake rahi 

NOTE==All words,contents, sentences,characters etc.are subject to change as per the guidelines and instructions of the concerned production house 


Movie Themes/TV Projects

Here are the story-lines of few thrillers, penned up by the writer

Laxman Rajput alias Lucky is roaming in the HARIDWAR, with his Fiancee / Meera, where a Jyotishi (Fortune teller) meets with the couple. As he sees them, he declares that Laxman is just going to be killed by his Fiancee Meera. Couple gets scream & seem worried. Jyotishi further adds that they both are the killer of each other, in their previous 7 births. And the enemity between them is such a strong and fiercing to this extent that they are reincarnating again & again to kill each other. For that, they met as a love-bird and gradually changed into a blood-bug. With addition to this, Laxman will lost his eyes in an accident then a miracle will take place with the grace of God.
Couple get back to Delhi, and met with an accident. Doctors declare Laxman almost dead. Meera, fortunately saved, informs his family.
Laxman’s insane mother Kaushalya worships the Lord Rama for few days, and induce "them" to come out of the temple and save ‘their’ brother Laxman.
Sri Rama & Kaushalya go to hospital. Shri Ram gives his eye sight & life light to Laxman and declares "Laxman, Now, you will see through my eyes and I will live in your body to face this KALYUG Besides that who will see in your eyes, he/she will see his past, his crimes, sins, every negative deed etc. Now you have to eradicate every negative mishappening from the society..."
On the same day, two of Laxman’s eye surgeon check his eyes and watch their crime.They look worried and wanted to kill the Laxman. Meanwhile Laxman gets ready to fight against all odds. On the other hand, Apart from these, he has to fight against himself, his own sins, altogether with Meera’s and this society deeds, then this horrify mystery with the logic of Shri Ram began.
Previously, we are known to Gundagiri, Netagiri, Bhashagiri, then came the Gandhigiri, now, why not it should be ‘Shri Ram Giri’ with the deformaties of corruption, scam,espionage,LiveIn Relainships,One Night Stands, massage parlors, prostitution, Hi-Profile crime, scandals, rave parties or what ever negative going in our society to earn. Just earn the money. Who knows, by name lucky, by deeds Laxman, but by the destiny he is unlucky lucky, who is just born to suffer, suffer and suffer whether he is a brother of Lord Rama.
Note :– 5 Printed pilot episodes are ready for this T.V. Serial subject to changes as per requirement.
Have you ever thought a violent love story of a rodent (animal like squirrel) which is herbivorous (vegetarian) by nature, eats only mushrooms, but suddenly changes it self to live in, to cave in human body. Yes, Gingo lives in humanbody for maximum seven days then after human gets to die, and Gingo searches for another human. why ? Has gingo born to kill the human – the worst animal on earth or someone else ? Do you believe, some evil forces want to reproduce the Gingo like chicken in poultry-forms, like fish in fisheries. Some scientists want to clone the Gingo. A, world famous preacher wants to sow the Gingo as a farmer sows the cotton seed. All are having the same objectives-to terrorise the man kind. Countries like US, China, Pakistan want Gingo to strengthen their Artillaries. They consider Gingo as nuclear missile, some even named it ‘Gingomissile’ Because of its terrifying speed. Gingo runs at the speed of bullet, when in full speed, it can hole – up the elephant leg. Is there any body to save us from Gingo !Gingo ! Gingo ! ?
The Mughaliya Solitaire (Big diamond) taken away by the British. Now kept in the British Museum to please the visitors. For several years India is negotiating with the Britain to get back that KOHINOOR. At last, Britain gets agree to give it. A 14 member Indian crew get ready to BRITAIN, but before that many criminals and spies take over the charge to blow the Indian aircraft in the air. And it happens. Everybody dies and Kohinoor goes missing. Only one military official survives, but under comma, he knows the exact location of the Kohinoor. One day he dies too & Kohinoor also hides in the grave of itself. Series of mishappening began. Then a 14 year old boy, which was assumed dead, unveil the mystery and Indian spy Naina along with 007 James Bond clear up the picture.
Five different community youth, suspected under TADA, facing judicial custody, escape from the Jail. Why ? Not to carry on their terrorist activity, but to save the lives of 324 people, those are boarded on a Boeing 737, which is planned to hijack by the 12 hijackers, divided in three groups, with three phases and three different objectives. These 5, so called terrorist, succeeded to rescue the passengers ? They Lost their lives one by one. Last rescuer replied as his dying statement, "I haven’t rescued you, I have tried to rescue my community which is now being labelled as a antisocial community because of few brain-washed terror activists. At last, these Martyres have been called PANJ PYAARE.
Story of 3 conmen (Banarasi Thug) who steal the Kajal from the eyes, sell comb to bold man, and dig out the brain of their victim’s head. From the age of 14, they were befooling and looting the community merely by their words. They were dying and sacrificing for each other, one of them even murders for his friend. But as they reached to their Adult hood, their missions and thoughts get them separated and scattered. They converted into enemies. Do you think, an ordinary mouse, could be a hero of 10 crore Gold dacoity plus many more unbelievable but achievable tasks of these conmen.
5 printed episodes are ready for this ‘Bunty & Bubli’ theme project, though quite different in nature and treatment.
An innocent guy, who loves his wife so much, but one day wife turns into a Toxic woman (VISHKANYA) and kills her husband during that sexual pleasure. Husband dies while kissing, but before that, his soul, his last breath enters in the wife’s body. Then a baby gets a birth. Now, tell me, who is that ? His son or husband ? Who is she ? A breast – feeding mother or a wife? Could a little child avenge his murder ?
When a father & a son, left alone in a cave, for several months, what the father will do to feed his hungry sun provided the kidnapper has arranged some useful things like match Box, Gas cylinder, water a Big butcher knife, but nothing to eat. Could you ever imagine father cut down his leg and roast it on the gas stove to feed his son and himself. Perhaps every father will do the same ? one day he dies and son do the same with his dead father. So what is it ? A feeling of a father towards son or hunger of the body which strikes again & again to survive. Although sexual hunger is second angle of this mysterious story which also strikes again & again.
A woman who has seven husbands, one original & 6 clone. On the eve of her 5th anniversary, she has to choose the right one to celebrate her anniversary night, but prior to that, she was asked to kill the remaining 6 clone. She killed them? Time came to enjoy with original husband but suddenly something happened, she even killed the original one. why ?
A British diplomat came to India to meet his counterpart. Militants were ready to kill the both, with seven full planned conspiracies. Indian security forces were already in action. In first attempt, Indian Minister was killed but there was the mystery behind the scene, woven by the NSG chief, to trap those militants in seven different plans. At last, both diplomat, have been saved and militants have been killed. But in real, we have lost our young pilot prime minister by the militants (LTTE) and his killers are still alive.
84 years old man, with artificial denture having steel rod in left leg, posseses one stonned eye, 3 porcelene ribs in his chest, says always with the proud ‘MAIN JINDA HOON’ and people remark ‘why you are alive? Then he whispers himself with one teared eye, "because I have to kill three Govt. Security officials those have killed my 9 yr. grand son, not accidently but deliberately". Yes, his grand son was killed between the ambush of military and militants in a mosque. And he was just living to watch them dying. His provocative plans were ready to avenge those uniformed criminals. Believe it, the old man was killed by those on duty criminals and they were hanged till death U/s 302. Suddenly old man comes alive and smiles with the proud, "MAIN JINDA HOON" and people salute him because he was wrapped in tri colour (national flag).
Apart from these, following titles are also worth reading. All these books are coming one by one online on this site in HINDI-ENG Version.
11.DOUBLE-X :–
 Everybody has some extraordinary factor, but he has the two. He has done what nobody could think:He was murderer of himself but treated as a 'she'.He had born a child but without any sex,still declares himself a Virgin.He was convicted for three murders and confesses but LAW was unable to prove him a murderer...A mystery ,woven around the medical science.
Apart from these, following titles are also worth reading. All these books are coming one by one online on this site in HINDI-ENG Version.

TV Projects: Namooney,Kartoons,Comedy ki notanki-all comic projects
                       I love u Maaya-a conmen thriller like Bunty or Babli
                       Thande Sholay-a comedy begins where the sholay ends